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The Body Keeps the Score 5 Bessel Van Der Kolk Great
Young's Analytical Concordance 5 Robert Young Seminary Almost new
The Love of Enemy and Nonretaliation in the New Testament 5 Willard Swartley Seminary Good, some underlining
Restorative Justice: Ideas, Values, Debates 5 Gerry Johnstone CJP Some highlighting, notes, bought as a used book
Pedagogy of the Oppressed 5 Paulo Freire CJP some highlighting
The Moral Imagination 5 John Paul Lederach CJP some notes, writing in margins, underlining
Open Space Technology: A User's Guide 5 Harrison Owen CJP very good
Changing Lenses: A New Focus for Crime and Justice 5 Howard Zehr CJP Good, some underlining
The New Jim Crow 5 Michelle Alexander underlining
Covenant of Peace 5 Willard M. Swartley some highlighting, notes in margins
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