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The Sermon on the Mount 5 Roland Worth, Jr some highlighting
Ashes Transformed 5 Tilda Norberg Great
Eat this Book: A Conversation in the art of spiritual reading 5 Eugene Peterson Great
Elements of Biblical Exegesis 5 Michael Gorman some highlighting
Forgiving as We've Been Forgiven 5 L. Gregory Jones, Celestin Musekura underlining, notes in margin
The Civil Rights Movement 5 Bruce Dierenfield underlining, notes in margin
A Handbook to the Exegesis of the New Testament 5 Stanley Porter Looks unused
The Politics of Yahweh 5 John Nugent seminary underlining, notes in margin
Blessed are the Peacemakers 5 S. Jonathan Bass 2009 underlining, writing in the margins
Is God a Moral Monster 5 Paul Copan some underlining, notes in margin
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